Na Pali Coast

Yesterday we hopped on a catamaran and traveled 15 miles along the beautiful Na Pali Coast. We saw sea caves, fluted ridges and amazing waterfalls. We also saw dolphins (spinner and bottleneck), whales, turtles and many varieties of fish. Most of the group rode on the bow of the boat for the majority of the day and were lucky enough to see the dolphins swim directly under their feet. One of the highlights of the day was having lunch with a view of a filled-up lava tube and many turtles. After the boat ride, we went to the beach at the end of Waimea River, a river that carries a great deal of water that drains from the Alakai Swamp. The beach at the mouth is quite different from all of the white, coral beaches that we have seen on Kauai thus far; the beach is scattered with chunks of olivine (a great find since we couldn’t take samples from the green sand beach we saw on the big island) and basalt fragments. After the Waimea Beach, we ended the day by touring a coffee plantation and stopping by Spouting Horn (where waves push through an old lava tube and shoot water into the air). We also went to see The Great Gatsby for James Biemiller’s birthday. We’re headed back to the Na Pali today to hike a bit of the coast. A great way to spend our last full day in Kauai!

Class picture on our boat for the day.

2 spinner dolphins swimming directly under Stewart’s feet!

Part of the Na Pali, which means “the cliff” in Hawaiian.

A portion of the Na Pali made famous for being where a scene of Pirates of the Caribbean was shot. Look familiar?


Spouting Horn where waves push through an old lava tube and shoot water up into the air.

Happy birthday, James!!


One thought on “Na Pali Coast

  1. Wow , what an amazing trip ! I can’t wait to hear firsthand and in detail of your adventures and of the diverse beauty of these Islands. Enjoy your last day together in Hawaii. What lasting memories you will take home!!!!!! Safe journey back to Lexington.

    Happy Birthday to James!

    Mrs. Stier

    PS Can’t wait to see you Arthur :))

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