Waimea Canyon, Alakai Swamp and Polihale Beach

We’ve been without internet and cell service for the past 2 days so apologies for the lack of updates. But while we’ve been out of touch with the outside world, we’ve been loving our time in the amazing Waimea Canyon!

Yesterday, we hiked 7 miles round-trip on the Alakai Swamp boardwalks to the Kilohana overlook. We got to hike through the clouds and even see some carnivorous plants. Today, we got the opportunity to help eradicate ginger, an invasive plant to Hawaii. We’re proud to say that we removed about 5,000 ginger bulbs in the Koke’e State Park! We then headed down to Polihale Beach, the largest (by volume) beach in Kauai, to watch the sunset.

The Waimea Canyon

Hike through the swamp.

Polihale Beach

Fun at the beach

Beautiful sunset at Polihale Beach

Shout out to Chef Hal for some great tacos!


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