Eel at Anchailine Pools

Tidal pools where the ground water flows into the ocean. We snorkeled and took temperature and salinity measurements to investigate interactions between the waters and the unique ecological environments.



The Pali

After instructions from USGS’s Mike Poland, we were ready to tackle our mission of surveying the Pali.  We split into three groups and set off for the coast.  One group collected GPS points along the road, while the other two split up a transect that ran down the two levels of cliffs.  Though it rained briefly, we all had the incredible privilege of seeing the Pacific Ocean below us as we completed our surveys.  Our groups had GPS waypoints and hand held GPS units to find the permanent benchmarks that the USGS had set in earlier surveys.  Starting at the top, and making our way down the survey lines, each group searched for their waypoints and set up our GPS units there to collect coordinates at the waypoints.

photo1 photo2